Write into a textarea


I writed a script that’s suppose to navigate on a web site and write a texte in a textarea. But when the script arrives at the moment where it is suppose write in the textarea I got an error message :


the script :



@dylan.campion I notice your error message has button_Valider and your script has textarea_Demandes du client _description. I think you are mistaken on what is the concern.


The script wasn’t good, I rectified it and here is the appropriate error message :


Have you tried to use setText to replace the sendKeys statement?
This will give you some information if the concern is to do with the sendKey method or the textarea element.

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Page_Kibati Mes interventions/textarea_Demandes du client _description’, ‘test’))

As an example:

Yes I did, the error message hardly changes


Well I don’t know why but now that work :thinking: thanks for helping