Working with Execution Log

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And when run from the console where does Katalon hide those log files?


And what do you do when you want to work with the execution log by adding something to the execution log instead of watching someone else’s idea of what should be logged?


Why did you make the option of enabling log execution test steps only available to Katalon Enteprise in 7.3 when it was in the free version before…

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Have a look at this:

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How to disable har file, too many har file generated when we have a lot request.

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I have a custom keyword that is a page object model, which, of course, contain WebUI keywords.

How can I view those steps in the Log Viewer when the method gets hit at runtime?

Where are the log files localy on the disk, so that they can be consulted outside the IDE? I saw the “report” folder but there is not everything in it? (console trace, etc …?)