Warning: This Katalon Studio Enterprise feature

Hello, Today I received this feature while I was debugging test case. They removed debug mode from katalon free version, because it was working fine before.

@kazurayam can you help me here please

Please have a look at this:

If you want to disable step execution log, you should purchase KSE. That’s all.

Thank you , I’m taking about debugging mode and not log execution , I don’t know if they are the same. Also if I downgraded my Katalon studio to version 6 I will not face this problem ? or I should purchase enterprise version in both cases ?

I do not understand what “debugging mode” you mean.

I meant running test in debug mode so I follow each executed step
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I think you can NO LONGER activate version 6 after April 2020.

I have never used that “debugging mode” and know nothing about it.

how you debug your code to check if everything working fine ? is there a way instead of running the test case each time

I think, you would NOT need the “Disable step execution logging” option for the time being. When you have developed a Big test project which checks 1000 URLs and emits 5000 lines or more step execution logs, then you would need that option. While your project is small, you would not need that option.

Sorry, I think it is not a topic appropriate in this forum format. If we are doing a pair-programming, I would be able to show you how I do, but …

Hi @basore9216, did you resolved this problem. I am getting the same thing. Only when I debug a test.