New Enhanced Execution Logs

Hi guys,

Debugging has become easier in Katalon Studio 5.9. We’ve optimized the execution logs to give you a comprehensive view of what happens during your test automation. The following changes are both applied to Console and Log Viewer:

Key highlights:

  • New Status Bar in Log Viewer (previously Progress Bar) to immediately get the test run status.

  • New Log properties file to customize the level of execution logs.

  • New HAR file in Web Service request log containing low-level data to quickly help you identify the key performance problems with Web services.

Other enhancements:

  • Reduced default font size for code and logs (based on Eclipse settings)

  • Removed JSON logs

  • Simplified log messages

  • Simplified the tree viewer

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Katalon Team

This is an improvement, but what I still miss is status bar for command line execution.

Currently, when you run a headless TS from cmd, a new cmd window pops up, but this is not shown anywhere else in Katalon Studio window. Is it because there is an instance of katalon.exe (different from the visible one) that is actually running?

If you then wish to stop the execution of the headless cmd line TS, all you can do is close the cmd window. But the TS keeps on running in the backround.

Isn’t there a task you can kill?

Yes, there is a katalon.exe task in the task manager.

The thing is, there are usually multiple Test Suites running in parallel and it is hard to keep track if the task is some scheduled execution or the one I am currently trying to stop.