Workarounds for problematic windows objects

I’m trying to automate a windows desktop application that uses old controls in some parts of the system, which I think Katalon may be unable to detect using Object Spy (e.g. the main menu of icons at the top of the application is just seen as a single pane).

Are there any decent workarounds that could be used in such instances?

For example, I’ve tried using the object that represents the entire application window, with x & y values, but this doesn’t seem to work…is there a way to make this work?

Katalon - do you have any plans to introduce either of the following please…

  1. A means of clicking somewhere in the application (or on the screen) based on x and y positions?

  2. Wider support for older windows controls?

  3. Any other means of enabling identification of, and interaction with old/difficult controls?

The suite of applications I’m looking to automate right now are Windows / Web / Mobile / APIs, so Katalon in this sense is ideal, but the issue is that Windows is the primary target for automation.

Many thanks for any help offered :slight_smile:

Bump, please - does anyone have any thoughts on this? :slight_smile: