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We’d like to provide Katalon in our company but when it was deployed, it tried to write to /Program Files/Katalon Studio which is protected directory. Their response to me was:

“Sounds like they dont follow Microsoft standards for building applications. The app belongs in Program Files*. Writable files should be in ProgramData.The vendor needs to correct this before we can put it in production.”

Can you help me with this?

Thank You,


Currently, Katalon Studio writes application logs (not test execution logs) into the installation folder. We will consider removing this limitation in future releases. In the meantime, is it possible for your company to install Katalon Studio in different folder?

Hi Deva,

I just saw this email - Thank You for getting back to me. All deployment is done in an automated way. It is unlikely (though I am still checking) that this can be customized.

Can you help me understand if or when you might update the deployment mechanism?

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One other question. I am hoping to run this on on Jenkins Linux servers. Can you help me understand if we will run into the same problem on Linux?

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