Window is not allowing katalon

Katalon studio check

after run the program, katalon is stopped automatically . . .

please check & FIX this

Is there any FIX for the above issue ,
i’m still having same problem & waiting for support. .

Hello @prasath1132

Sorry for late response. Please let us know if this issue still persists in our latest version. Download here. Also please check if your testing machine satisfies our required environments to run the app.

Please be noted that in our latest version - v7.9.1, we shipped the framework upgrade which substantially improves Katalon Studio IDE’s performance.

If the same issue occurs, please create a bug report with the required information for better support. You can find the error log in Help > Error Log.


Dear @Jass
Thanks for giving the solution.

  • I checked the system requirements & Katalon latest versions , that matched with system specifications.
  • Checked with latest katalon version - v7.9.1 also but.log report 0302.txt (6.1 KB) , i’m having same closing issue.
    for your reference , i attached error report login message also

Hi @prasath1132,

Please share your machine specification: OS, CPU, RAM, Storage Usage. Some screenshots of CPU, RAM utilization in Task Manager when launching a test case.