Will Python come as a scripting language?

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In the meantime, is there an up-to-date answer as to whether scripting in Python is likely to be possible in Katalon soon? That would be a great benefit!!

Hi @veroS,

Thanks for your attention,
We already added it to our backlog but we have not had any particular plan for that.

Nam Nguyen.

Hi @nam.nguyen
Thank you for your answer!
Maybe it would be wise, to start a user survey.
I think Python (or better not supporting Python) could really be an argument to (use or) not use Katalon …

For Python, you can simply use Robot Framework for a key-driven approach or pytest for a code-like-a-pro approach.

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Hi @veroS,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
However, we’re collecting user needs and adjust our roadmap on that.

Thank you for your input.

Nam Nguyen.

Some additional thoughts, so people asking for such to not misunderstood:

  • having support for a framework for various languages it is a huge advantage, like selenium, playwright etc does. you can use them with various technologies … and that is fine.
  • however, Katalon it is not a framework, but a final product, developed in Java and using various frameworks … which yeah, some of them may support multiple coding languages … some not.
    Therefore, I think having katalon to support whatever language the user need (dream), may not be trivial.

Therefore, I am not against, but I doubt will have a certain added value, with regards to effort involved vs quality and stability.