How to use Python in Katalon Studio


I’ve made a sample project demonstrating the ability to use Python with Katalon Studio. There were some requests for adding Python support to Katalon Studio - I hope this sample will help.


  • Install Python (I’m using Python 2.7).
  • Under the python directory, execute pip install -r requirements.txt to install Python dependencies.
  • Execute Test Suite All.

How it works?

  • Test Cases are still written in Groovy using built-in and custom keywords.
  • Custom keywords make use of the PythonKeywords#runPython(runPython(String script, Object[] keywordArgs) to delegate the implementation to Python scripts in python/modules/
  • The Python WebDriver instance is retrieved using driver = utils.get_driver(allArgs). This instance connects to the Selenium session initialized by Katalon Studio. It will enable mixing Python-based keywords with Groovy-based ones. Also, the capabilities will still be managed by Katalon Studio.
  • Reports, listeners, and integration will behave as usual.

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Nice job. Thank you, Alex.




Thank you for sharing that approach. But shouldn’t Jython make it easier to at least use Python libraries in Katalon Studio? The requirement to install Python first is unfortunately not always possible in a third-party Selenium Grid environment.
I’m not familiar with it yet, but in the docs you’re talking about using Jython in Katalon Studio yourself:
Unfortunately, I can’t find a suitable contribution to this approach anywhere. Could you please give me some hints on first steps?