How to use Python in Katalon Studio


I’ve made a sample project demonstrating the ability to use Python with Katalon Studio. There were some requests for adding Python support to Katalon Studio - I hope this sample will help.


  • Install Python (I’m using Python 2.7).
  • Under the python directory, execute pip install -r requirements.txt to install Python dependencies.
  • Execute Test Suite All.

How it works?

  • Test Cases are still written in Groovy using built-in and custom keywords.
  • Custom keywords make use of the PythonKeywords#runPython(runPython(String script, Object[] keywordArgs) to delegate the implementation to Python scripts in python/modules/
  • The Python WebDriver instance is retrieved using driver = utils.get_driver(allArgs). This instance connects to the Selenium session initialized by Katalon Studio. It will enable mixing Python-based keywords with Groovy-based ones. Also, the capabilities will still be managed by Katalon Studio.
  • Reports, listeners, and integration will behave as usual.

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Nice job. Thank you, Alex.