Suggest Katalon will support python

Katalon is easy to install and use,our team ,and also many company use python to do automation test, and python is used in more and more company to develop, we(test and develop) farmilar with python grammar
my question is“:is katalon have plan to support python ?when will support ?
i hope katalon can support python(like selenium,can create python project).katalon is very nice tool i used.

katalon is a java based application.
for python, use python tools/IDE’s

why somebody will want to use a java app, to load some python api’s to use selenium python api on it? having in mind that selenium is also java …

One day, I was told. Just don’t ask me which day. :stuck_out_tongue:

for python i just found a new toy.
visual studio code!! :slight_smile:

thx M$ for new remote extensions : containers, wsl, and ssh, works beautifull, i no longer need to setup a virtualbox machine when developing from windows and i can do consistent development from any vscode supported OS (mac, windows, linux)
and is free, not like pycharm which has such features only in enterprise version

sorry for deviating a bit, but i was surprised by M$ despite the fact I am a strong linux advocate

I just wish I could work in VSC all day - Katalon code, too.

And btw, Win10 will have a full linux kernel soon.

i know. once the new wsl2 will see the light, next personal goal is to install a custom linux distro (gentoo based) :smile:


i could do it with the actual wsl too … but there is not much to gain compared with virtualization

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execute your python module or file
Runtime.getRuntime().exec("python "+ssnDir+"/")

@Timo_Kuisma that is not running python code (nor developing in python), but just executing os commands :stuck_out_tongue:


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why not develop/debug your python code in python IDE and then execute it in Katalon, everything is possible if you know what you are doing :smile:

Efficacy rules.

ofcourse :slight_smile: but we are here to find solutions for lazy people

discussion group for lazy users :sunglasses:

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we wish kalaton can be used as edit test cases with python script, not run python script with os command.

for python approach, i will suggest to use pytest, is a great framework. and use any editor you like, or dedicated IDE for python, there are a lot available