Will Katalon support Xcode 10 in the near future?

My team uses Xcode 10, but I’d like to start automating mobile apps.

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Hi @Ramsen_Constantine,

Thanks to @Frank_Keefer for pointing out that you can use Appium 1.8.2-beta to work with Xcode10 and iOS12 devices:

npm install -g appium@1.8.2-beta

– Chris

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Has anyone of you successfully run a test against a physical iOS 12 device after installing appium@1.8.2-beta? What about you, @Frank_Keefer?

I cannot see the device name in Katalon.

WebDriverAgent was successfully built on the device, and connection verified. Cf. https://github.com/appium/appium-xcuitest-driver/blob/master/docs/real-device-config.md

iTunes and Xcode 10 list the device. Issuing idevice_id -l also lists the device. I discovered the 8th post of thread at not able to see real ios device in the device list, and tried following the steps including those under the subtitle Check if the device is recognized by command line tools outside of Xcode.

Thank you.

I’ve mainly used it on the iOS 12 simulators. However, I was able to get one of my tests running on a physical iOS 12.1.2. I had to recompile the app for devices instead of simulators, and repoint the test at the correct .app file. I didn’t run into the issue you did though where the device wouldn’t show up. When i plugged in the device it came up in the menu to select it.

Hi @evensteven,

One other thing you can try as a workaround is to edit the settings/internal/com.kms.katalon.core.mobile.ios.properties directly to bypass the Katalon menu and put in the UDID of your device. In my case, my iOS12 simulators are not shown in the Katalon dropdown, so I got the list of devices using the command line:

instruments -s devices

I then opened the settings/internal/com.kms.katalon.core.mobile.ios.properties under my test project (these are per-project settings) to include the deviceId for the iOS12 device I want to test. I think this should work for your physical device as well.

My file looks like this:


Save that file and restart Katalon Studio. When you run the test, it should run on the desired device.

It’s a bit hacky, but hopefully it will get you unstuck.

– Chris

Thank you both for your replies, appreciate it!

Unfortunately I haven’t been successful in getting anything to run on the iOS 12 physical device yet, even with the settings/internal/com.kms.katalon.core.mobile.ios.properties edit, but I will post here should I have progress.