Where are the screenshots saved?

Ive been looking for the screenshot on my folders but i cant find them. how can i know where are they saved? or how can i modify the folder?

I think they havent been saved.

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When a Test Suite fails, search for “*.png”, without the double-quotes (" "), in the folder that contains the Project you are running…

It empty… looks like they had never been saved… do you know what can I do?

The screenshot aren’t saved by default! You need to save them manually. Every run the images will be trashed and are stored my guess in local memory? Maybe i’m wrong but i’m not aware of any storing of the screenshots by default.

Chi / Patrick,

Every time a Test Suite fails, a .png file is saved showing the application screen where the failure occurred…

See attached screenshot of the folder where the .png file was save when one of my Test Suites failed…

Katalon Studio - PNG Image File.jpg

Well that’s clear but you’re in the wrong forum that is why missed the problem :smiley:

Hi David,

My folder is empty

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 09.44.27.png