How can I take screenshots of every step and log them to reports

I wanted to take screenshot of every test step intially to prove build is functional as expected. I could find an option take screenshots for failure tests but how about capturing them for both passed and failed?

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Please find out captured location on this keyword page. In the next release, captured screenshot can saved to user-defined location :).

Captured screenshot will be stored into temp folder of Katalon Studio: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\Katalon\Test Cases. In this folder, you will find the executed test case along with its folder’s report. If you capture any screenshot using ‘Take Screenshot’ keyword, it will be stored in folder’s report.

By default, screenshot will be captured automatically on failed step which interacts with the browser. The settings is available at Project -> Settings -> Report. Captured screenshot will be stored in ‘Image’ tab of test suite report:

So where it gets stored? And does it appended to reports directly?
Where I can find failed screenshots? I couldn’t find in the workspace

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That option is not available in current version. This feature has been noted and will be implemented in future releases.

So I think for now you can add ‘Take Screenshot’ step after every step if you want to capture passed test step as well


Halooo… how about this feature? already implemented?

I think you can look at the post

It may suite your needs

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I think for Mobile Testing sir

Hi Antoine,

Did you found any solution to overcome this ?

Hi @rameshrajendran,
For Web UI you can look at the post I linked, there is a solution to take screenshots of every step (they will be logged automaticaly in the report). For Mobile testing, I don’t see any reason why you can’t adapt it with MobileBuiltInKeywords instead of WebUiBuiltInKeywords, with the takeScreenshot() method of Mobile :slight_smile:
The trick is in the code logic (Groovy’s metaprogramming) : you can do anything you want before or after any keyword is called using this.

@Antoine_Bulteau - Thanks got it :+1: