Where are Project Settings > Email saved to?

I have a local copy (on my desktop) of a Katalon project that is versioned in a remote source code repo.

I use Katalon Studio GIT integration to refresh my local copy, commit/push changes to repo,etc.

When I make changes to Project Settings > Email, I do not see any pending change to commit/push via GIT.

Any insight why this is happening and where Project Settings values are stored?

I have the same problem…any suggestions?

You can find the email settings here:


I guess, in the <projectDir>/.gitignore file, you have a line like this:


therefore any change made to the <projectDir>/settings/internal/com.kms.katalon.execution.properties file is ignored by Git.

What should you do?

Of course you can edit the file. You can comment out the line with leading # character:

# settings/

But you should be graceful. You should discuss with someone who wrote the .gitignore file if he/she agrees with the idea of including the settings directory into the repository.

Is this issue fixed for you? I am having the same problem here