Katalon Git Integration - Unknown files in Commits after clone project

Hi Guys, I have been creating my project for Automation API and UI, I always save my changes and I generated a gitignore file containing the following info:


















Now I need to share my project with other team members, they Clone the Project into their machine using the git integration tool in katalon, but, If they try to commit without make any change, katalon display a list of files that I wonder if I need to put them in the gitignore file or there shouldn’t have problem if they commit these files?

Here is an screenshoot showing the files that I mentioned before


all members have the same files.

Anybody with experiencie in this, can help? I hope can find an answer for that, I mean I don’t really know if this can cause problems between machines or these are not necessary to commit and merge.


A similar discussion is here:

in the settings/internal directory stored the IDE settings and preferences for the project defined by each individual developers.

Well, I think you can take either way. It is not a big issue.

Why I say insignificant? — Please have a look at the files under the settings/internal directory with any text editor and understand what sort of information is recorded there.

I will show my findings in my project for example.


#Fri Jun 14 23:09:04 JST 2019

it seems a timestamp of something is recorded here. that’s all. It seems to be not significant.


this file was empty. It looks significant.


this file was empty. It looks insignificant.


this file was empty. It looks insignificant.


this file was empty. It looks insignificant.

So, I think the time stamp of these files are updated often when I do something on the project, but the contents look insignificant.

You can include a line of settings/ in the .gitignore file so that the changes of these properties files are not recorded by Git because the contents of those files look insignificant.

Or you can commit them into the repository. Do you mind a risk of merge conflicts? — I think you have very little risk of merge conflicts. Though you should know that the git log will get verbose due to bunch of commit logs of settings/**/*.properties.

Do you ask me how I would do?

I would add a line of


in my .gitignore.

If, in future, I find any of the settings/**/*.properties file worth committed and shared by the team, I would change my .gitignore.

Hi KAzurayam.

I tried to add settings into the gitignore, you help me out to clarify some questions, but what cause me some concerns it’s that when I tried to add bin folder, none of my global settings was share with the rest of the team, so that’s why I remove bin folder.

No that I add settings I still have these files in the commit window from the new computer where I clone the project.


Do you know what these bin files do in katalon?, could affect in someway?

If don’t.I think I will add them into gitignore

I always write the following line in my .gitingore files:


This means, I exclude all files contained in the <project>/bin directory.

I am sure that those files are rubbishes. These must have been created by accident.

I would recommend you to delete those files by Windows Explorer or Mac Finder or terminal.

If you find those files are recreated somehow, then I have no idea why. It’s only you who can resolve the mystery.

@Kazurayam Thanks for your support. I would like to ask you something else.

Do you know if there are some files related between Object repository, script and test case.

I followed up some advices with gitignore, but for some reason. I found a different issue:

This happens after another team member commit his changed and I pull them into my local machine.

I got the idea that LIB folder in git ignore could be the problem. Hope you can help me a little bit.

It seems that physical file is on folder, but Katalon doesn’t show them in explorer or maybe they are not recognized?


Now I am on a long trip to Russia and can not look at your issue for the time being. I will be back at 19th or later.


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Please provide more information.
Not only

  • log
    But also
  • your Groovy script which calls the WebObject in question
  • the definition of the WebObject in question
  • code to run the Groovy script — which JSON Schema vailidator library you used?

Hi Kazurayam.

My concern more than a code failure, is that Some objects from Object Repsository are missing in the Test Explorer after I tried to pull changes from another team member in the repository.

Let me share another screen.

In this image you can se the list of Object repository, because In order to solve my problem I had to take all project folder from my team member and and paste it in my computer.

I think that the list of folder in the GitIgnore file can be the reason, for example: folder “Libs”


  1. You pull the project from your remote Git repository to get some web objects created in the Object Repository by your team member.
  2. You need to operate Katalon Studio: Project > Reflesh once or two times
  3. The newly created web objects should come up visible in the Test Explorer.

The Object Repository contains source codes, which need to be “compiled” by Katalon Studio to generate intermediate files in the Libs directory. Project > Reflesh operation will give a trigger for Katalon Studio to compile the source codes. Without the trigger, the Test Explorer is likely to fail recognize the added source codes because they are not yet compiled.

Thanks You @Kazurayam

In base of your post, I think that my problem was caused because of folders in the gitignore list

Let me show you!

I will remove Libs from it.

Do you think that I need to remove bin/Libs directory too or just Libs?

Thanks you for the information.

Please have a look at

where I described my thought.