EMAIL in Katalon Studio project settings not working no matter what information iI put in the fields- see below

Also tagging support for help!

WHAT: Email settings is not working in Katalon. Is their a way to utilize API keys within the platform or any other potential work arounds Katalon may have?

PURPOSE: I want to send emails to management.

I tried with OUTLOOK email and an external email that dont have 2factor authentication and the same error, HELP!!!

IT team tried using API (SendGrid) and its still not working

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haven’t tried this. try to tag katalon support squad here who might have more info

@Eve_2024 ? this one

Probably @support.squad. These are the people that put out the Info bits on this forum.

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Thank you, I added them.

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@support.squad Hi, PLease see above as I need to try to get it working soon. Thank you

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