When comparing Katalon and Selenium, What is the best automation tool and why say so?

I’m new to test automation and need to select the best tool to automate my application. The application is a web-based application and it contains data entering and data viewing functionalities. So I need to know the best and most speedy tool.

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi @chamathwije ,

Welcome to our community and automation world. You can figure out information about testing web app with Katalon here:

Especially, Katalo offers great record & replay, drag & drop functions. Let’s hear from others to share their experience in both Katalon and Selenium. :sparkling_heart:


I believe Mike @mike.verinder, our Chief Community Advocate, can help provide some insights for this question as he also runs a Selenium user group :+1:

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Hey @chamathwije
Thanks for taking the time to post.
I think I could write a book on this, but I’ll try to keep things at the “Cliff Note” level.

First, it’s important to remember that Katalon uses Selenium on the backend. We recognize the value that Selenium brings. We are just committed to making it even better for you. Some of the ways listed below are a part of that.

  1. Teams can actually automate quicker and in a less buggy fashion.
  2. Teams don’t have to deal with setting up a custom framework (which they will need to do if starting with Selenium from scratch).
  3. because everyone is working on the same framework which is maintained for you, this enables.
    a. You won’t have the same deep-level maintenance that you would if starting from scratch. Selenium bug fixes and version upgrades are all handled by Katalon on the backend. (Basically, your Technical Debt is significantly reduced.)
    b. It’s a lot easier (which means quicker, faster, and ultimately cheaper) to get new Test Engineers up and running than to create a framework from scratch.
  4. We took the Selenium core and built cool stuff on top of it, like self-healing, etc. These are huge value drivers compared to using Selenium from scratch.
  5. We have a lot of integrations that enable you to use Katalon with Selenium in a lot of different ways. Want to integrate with Salesforce Applications? We make it easier. Want to try a third-party Visual Testing tool like Applitools? Want to use X-ray to test Accessibility Testing? Want to integrate Jira with your Automation and project management? which leads to #6.
  6. Since we consider ourselves a platform. we have other products, like KRE which enable you to use CI/CD with Katalon Studio, we have TestOps which is integrated with Jira to show you the state of your release health, We have Test Cloud, and Visual Testing applications. We have AI products that will help your team during code review, or will even take your Requirements and generate test cases from them.
    We have Autonomous Testing in Beta (it should be out this year), which will automatically generate regression scripts for you from production. << that is amazing btw <<

These are just a few advantages of Katalon Studio and the Katalon Platform over a core Selenium self-install. I’m happy to chat more about it if you like. (I only had a few minutes to write this post).

I do run the largest Selenium User Group in the world (at over 240k members). I’ve been running that group for about 15 years now. Selenium is a great tool. Katalon makes it even better.

If you want to reach me directly, feel free to email me.

Here for you if you do.


Not to forget about the Katalon Community support that it offers.