[Webinar] Best of Both Worlds: Selenium & Katalon


The most popular web test automation frameworks can’t go without Selenium.

But a quality management platform gives software teams the testing efficiency needed when scenarios and coverage requirements double.

Join us on this Best of Both Worlds - Selenium & Katalon webinar for insights on:

  • Why adopting and maintaining DIY test frameworks isn’t easy.
  • How Katalon platform leverages Selenium libraries.
  • Reducing manual efforts and coding prerequisites for test automation.
  • Speeding up the onboarding and training for automation beginners.
  • Testing web but also mobile, API and desktop apps in one place.

Our speakers

Mush Honda - Chief Quality Architect

Mush is a senior engineering leader with over 20 years of experience in Quality Engineering and Agile software development. He has developed scalable test automation solutions to facilitate teams’ transition to an automation-first, quality engineering mindset.

Gokul Sridharan - Solutions Engineer Director

Gokul is the Head of Solution Engineering at Katalon & comes with a decade of industry experience. A lot of his experience is in DevOps and Testing. He is highly enthusiastic and a business leader who is passionate about the evolution of testing and automation.

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