[Webinar] Katalon & Selenium: How to leverage the best of both worlds for maximum test automation efficiency

Webinar: Selenium & Katalon: Best Practices for Automation

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Selenium is one of the most popular automation frameworks that aims to relieve testers from manual testing and save time. However, it is not always the most scalable or optimal option. Join us in this webinar on February 28 at 11am ET where our resident QA expert will be discussing the differences between Selenium and test automation tools such as Katalon, and how you can utilize the best aspects of Katalon and Selenium together to maximize your test automation efficiency.


Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • When to use Selenium versus Katalon in your automation testing
  • The pros and cons of using Selenium as a DIY approach to test automation
  • Challenges of building an in-house Selenium framework
  • Best practices to scale with several test suites, platforms, and applications.

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