Weird behaviour if no query params are present

I have created a new web request, with the URL and method. It’s quite simple, no query parameters, just a GET to a URL. When I click on the button to run it, it asks me if I want to save it. But when I click Yes, it adds an interrogation mark to the end of the URL, and it makes the server to reply with a 404. I don’t need query parameters, and I don’t really want to use fake parameters, just to make it work.

Is there a way to make Katalon not to add a ? at the end of the URL when there are no query params?

Thank you.

@franciscojavier.cano, this is a bug of Katalon Studio and we will fix it in next release. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

@franciscojavier.cano until this get fixed you can use 5.9.0 version, this bug appeared starting with 5.10.x

The issue is fix in 6.0.6 beta release. Please download the package at Beta release 6.0.6 then run web service request again. Let us know if you still trouble any other issue and provide us your error log as well