Katalon is adding an extra parameter when calling to API server whit GET

Hi Community,

I hope you are doing well, I need your help I’m trying to make a GET call to my API server if I used postman it works perfectly but when I try to use Katalon to make the call with the wizard or manually it fails I just received a 400 error, after verified the logs in the server this is what it saw:

http.query.params=ParameterMap{[param1=[value], =[], param2=[value]]}

as you can see among the param1 and param 2 there is an extra parameter, Do you have any idea why that happens? Thank you much in advance.

Hi @carlos,

I have logged a ticket for the development team to investigate this issue. I will keep you posted if I have news to share.

Thank you for using Katalon Studio,

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Dear Carlos,

This issue has been fixed in Katalon Studio 5.9. Please help give it a try.

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