Web Service Request is appending an extra "?" at the url end

Katalon version 5.10.1

Bug description:

Using Web Request builder, once hitting ‘save’, an extra “?” character is appended at the end of the url (perhaps waiting for extra parametters?).

Screenshot with intended url:

Screenshot with generated url after hitting “Save”:

Screenshot after saving a web request with parametrized “url” variable:

For the given example this is not a big deal since the sample API is returning valid (still) data.
However, for most of the API’s i am testing in our production environment, this ends into malformed requests, returning invalid responses.

Could be a regression of An extra parameter is added when calling to API server whit GET · Issue #15 · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub ?

Please fix it, until then I am enforced to stick with 5.9.x version (5.9.0 is fine, 5.9.1 not tested)
Re-write of all test-suites we have, to build the requests programmatically is not an option ATM (too much effort involved)


Thank you for your report. We will investigate this and fix it ASAP.

Hi @Ibus,
Please download the latest version and try again.

@huynguyen huh? Ibus is already an archived account.
But i am positive he was testing this issue in 6.x version and it was fixed.
This topic can be closed