[WebUI] Take Screenshot


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There is any script how to make sure the takeScreenshot is called after the page fully loaded?



Add WebUI.waitForPageLoad() before taking screenshot.


Is there a way to take a full-page screenshot by scrolling down?


Have a look at this:


How for taking screenshoot on mobile testing when execution failed?


Try googling with key "Appium screenshot " and read resources found.

As Appium doc tells, you can take a screenshot of the current viewport/window/page.

Howerver there seems to be no library in Java which enables to take entire-page screenshot of mobile pages.

aShot enables you to take entire page screenshot of web pages via WebDriver, but it does not support Appium.


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OK. Thanks a lot. but i think the screenhoot include to report that katalon given on pdf/hmtl. Not on local folder.


I used the same script … it is shwoing cannot take screen shot


Guys , how to take screen shot fully page , not at entire page ??

its important :slight_smile:


i thought is was stored in local folder


Do you know where the screen get stored too? need help