WebRecorder unable to capture object , while recording

I am using windows 10 ,IE 11,Katalon 5.2.0

  1. As per IE config requirement mentioned in katalon has been setup.(like internet option setting, disable protected mode,registry edit etc)

  2. in IE required extensions are enabled(BHO recorder…)

  3. firewall setting allowed for command line IE driver.

While web recorder are selected for IE, it is opening the sample orange hrm login page, but no objects are getting captured.(Same for other url too.)
For firefox and chrome it is working. Please help us to resolve this issue.
Same issue faced in 5.1.0 too.

I have this same problem - Windows 7, IE 11, Katalon

IE is a flaky browser. We’ve logged a ticket and trying to investigate what happens with it. I believe the root cause lies to IE itself, so in the meanwhile please use Chrome or Firefox instead.

But for our official project , It supports only IE, so until this issue fixed , Katalon will not be useful for the project work. Any idea , which release they will fixed this issue

I have the same problem. We can’t use Chrome. This problem is also affecting our regression test of several systems that unfortunately must be tested against IE. Would appreciate an update on this issue.

I have same problem on Chrome, both recording and object spy are not working for many objects which works fine on version 5.5.

I have this problem after update to 5.6. I want to get back to 5.5. I found the 5.5-beta download url, but not 5.5 official url.

Thank you all for reporting this issue. Please uninstall the current IE add on, then install the new version here https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio-ie-addon/releases/tag/v1.1.0 and let us know the result.

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