Webpage elements are being captured as CSS instead of XPath

OS: Windows 7

Katalon Recorder (Selenium IDE for Chrome): v3.1.2

## Environment (for Web testing)

Browser : Chrome v63

## Steps to reproduce -

1. Record a test on a webpage that contains radio buttons using the Katalon Recorder extension for Google Chrome v3.1.2

2. Replay the case in Katalon

## Expected Behavior -

Case replays correctly

## Actual Behavior -

Currently when replaying a script, the automation tool is unable to select the radio buttons which were initially recorded.

Recently I’ve been trying to record test scripts using the Katalon Automation Recorder extension for Google Chrome v3.1.2 and noticed it’s now capturing the webpage elements as CSS instead of XPath. I believe this is causing an issue when replaying the newly recorded scripts. In the past it had always captured Xpath and the scripts were able to execute correctly.

Is there a way to change the config of the automation recorder to capture Xpath again?

May I have your web application. I’ve tried to captured radio button from this page : Tryit Editor v3.7 and observe Xpath locator is captured.

By the way, currently there is no way to change default locator in Katalon Recorder