[Webinar] Katalon Recorder 5.5 – Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed!

Recap email_Katalon Recorder 5.5 – Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed

Dear Katalon users,

In response to your demand for the faster pace of testing and development, we’ve released Katalon Recorder 5.5 with comprehensive features and improvements.

Join us in our latest Katalon Recorder 5.5 – Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed webinar to leverage Katalon Recorder’s newest features into your testing process.

Some highlights that will be included in this webinar are:

  • Self-Healing: troubleshooting failed tests and reduce maintenance
  • Command-Line Runner: increasing the pace of test automation
  • Selenium IDE Migration: improving your test automation experience with minimal effort
  • Katalon TestOps Integration: making your reports actionable and insightful for all of your testing activities

Date & Time: 10:00 AM EDT | Thursday, July 8, 2021

Speaker: Thomas To - Katalon Recorder Product Manager


Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in Katalon webinar. If you were not able to join the event, worry not! Please find the recap video HERE.

Also, please take a look at some of the FAQs/questions asked in the webinar:

Q: How does Katalon Recorder work against JavaScript applications like Angular? Because when using Selenium, we are facing so many wait issues.

A: Katalon Recorder works with JavaScript applications, it can be trickier if the application uses hidden DOM elements, but it does frequently work.

Using commands such as waitForVisible is a good alternative to adding pauses or delays. For example, we can use it with a NodeJS application which is sensitive to timing and other complications. Mostly we have been able to get it to work. What’s also handy with JS applications is that you can get a developer to include custom locators such as data test ids, as that can make DOM addressing easier.

Q: What is the difference between Katalon Recorder and the Recorder in the Katalon Studio Enterprise?

A: Katalon Recorder (KR) is a browser extension. It is free!

Katalon Studio (KS) has its Spy and record & playback feature. They are separately in two Katalon products. In KS, record & playback support web, desktop, and mobile applications. However, KR only supports web applications.

Q: Can self-healing be set to only offer suggestions for healing, instead of automatically substituting identifiers for you during execution?

A: No, currently, self-healing is automatically ON. You can turn it off but then there will not be any suggestions available.

Q: For Katalon Recorder CLI, would it be possible to pass a parameter for a KR script from the shell / specify a base URL for the script to launch from (e.g. for something that gets run against various different URLs, so the URL isn’t static).

A: Currently it’s not possible. However, we’d add that capability in the future because it will make testing easier.

Q: For Katalon Recorder CLI, if you have multiple installs of a browser (e.g. Chrome), can you specify the path of other installations of Chrome to use?

A: When you install KR CLI, it will automatically install the latest webdrivers. You can replace these webdriver binaries with the desired versions.

Q: To use the command line, do we need Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE)?

A: No, Katalon Runtime Engine is the runtime engine for Katalon Studio. Katalon Recorder CLI is the runtime engine for Katalon Recorder. You do not need one to use another.

Download Katalon Recorder to simplify and speed up your automated tests in browsers!

*** Available on: Chrome | Firefox | Edge

Happy testing and look forward to seeing you in the upcoming webinars!

Katalon Team

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