[getURL] Issue


I have encountered an issue with the methode url = WebUI.getURL().
If I want to get the url www.domain.com/diagnostics/value1?q=12345,
I get the String: www.domain.com/diagnostics.

Otherweise If I want to get the url www.domain.com/diagnostics/value2/12345,
I get the correct String: www.domain.com/diagnostics/value2/12345 as expected.

Is there any issue with the question mark and/or the
equal sign in the url? Can anyone reproduce it?

I’m using Katalon Studio 5.1.0, Build 1 on Windows 7

Thanks a lot!


I have tried to re-produce the case with following script:

KeywordLogger log = new KeywordLogger();
WebDriver driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver();

I wrote to log file the URL getting by both Katalon Studio buit-in keyword and using Selenium Lib directly. Both of them return the same URL:

Could you double check on the case?


Okay, I figured it out! I let the test skript run in loops over night and some test cases passed.
I guess there is some asynchronous issue between the website (changing url) and my testskript (checking url) With some waiting time, everything works as expected.

Tanks a lot, Trong!