Web proxy - connects to Katalon analytics but unable to connect to JIRA and Git

Hi team,

Katalon version: 5.8.6 (Windows OS)

We have a firewall here in the company. However, I have manually configured the proxy to connect to the web (under Preferences > Katalon > proxy). As such, it is connecting to Katalon analytics.
However, with same settings, I get the following error when connecting to JIRA:
java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

Also, when I am trying to Clone project in git (via Bitbucket URL), I get the error below:
Source git repository is empty
_*I have “master” branch in bitbucket _

As such, I don’t think the proxy was setup correctly to work on JIRA and git integration.

You should configure Git to be aware of Proxy by execuiting “git config --global http.proxy xxxxxxx” command. See the following:

Hi @4280-kazurayam I did the above in the local shell and I assumed it worked as no error encountered (but no status saying it is successful either). However, same issue occurs in Katalon:
**Source git repository is empty
Also, would you know the issue with JIRA as it worked fine with Katalon analytics. I am using HTTP as proxy server type.

I do not know how to make Katalon Studio integrated with remote Git repositories and JIRA over proxy.

As for Git, I always use command line to invoke git command because I am used to it; I never use the Git-integration feature of Katalon Studio.

I have never used the JIRA-integration feature of Katalon Studio.

Katalon Team,

It’s your turn to make it clear KS supports integrations with Git and JIRA over Proxy

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