Cannot connect to JIRA from office network even after configuring proxy

I cannot connect to any external tool. Even after configuring the proxy settings under Katalon Studio Preference > Katalon > Proxy. I am getting the following error: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

Any suggestions on the troubleshooting steps.

Can I somehow see your proxy?

Hi Vinh. Do you need to see my Proxy settings?

Hi Vinh - I sent you an email with the screenshot for my Proxy settings.

Any suggestions are welcome. This is a road block in our evaluation.

Hi Harpreet,

Sorry for late responses. Can you connect to other integration tools such as Kobiton, Git or Katalon Analytics? If you can, then I think the root cause if the connection to JIRA is not correctly done through the proxy connection.

Hi Vinh,

I cannot connect to any other integrations which are outside our network. I tried Katalon analytics and it also did not work. Seems like these integrations are not considering the proxy settings. I can connect very well from outside the office network. Also, I am able to connect to an external rest webservice by creating a request under the object repository. This means that my proxy settings are correct.