Failed to import Keywords from GitHub because I sit behind Proxy

**OS: **Windows 7

Katalon Studio Version : 5.6.1

## Katalon Studio logs:

Windows (\config\.metadata\.log): attached

## Environment (for Web testing)

Browser : Firefox 61.0.2

## Steps to reproduce -

  1. open a annonymous katalon project
  2. In the Tests Explorer pane, right-click the Keywords icon to choose Import > Git
  3. Dialog “Clone Git Repository” comes up
  4. Type the Repository URL “GitHub - kazurayam/ksbackyard: This project is a Katalon Studio project where I develop a few Custom Keywords to share with other Katalon Studio projects of mine.
  5. Type my username and password
  6. Click Next to connect to the GitHub
  7. Message is displayed saying “Source Git Repository is empty

I sit behind the Corporates Proxy.

In Katalon Studio settings, I have set the hostname and port of the Proxy (screenshot attached)

In the command line, I can connect to GitHub by git command. My ~/.gitconfig file has proxy configured (screenshot attached).

## Expected Behavior -

Can connect to the GitHub

## Actual Behavior -

Failed to connect to the GitHub

I believe that the “Import Keyword” operation should respect to the Proxy config set in the Preference > Katalon > Proxy, but regrettably it does not.

As a workaround I will Import Keyword via Folder, not via Git. It is a shame.

## Screenshots / Videos


Clone Git Repository.png

Clone Git Repository_Source Git repository is empty.png

I sit behind proxy.png

I am behind a proxy.png