Web Application and Desktop Application in the same Test case

Hi Team ,
Need some inputs on this .
I have a scenario where I fill a form(Example Name , DOB ,etc…) on Web Application and need to verify this data on the desktop application.
Is this doable?

Thank you!

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Here are a few approaches you could consider:

  1. Automated Testing: You can use automated testing frameworks like Selenium for web applications and tools like WinAppDriver or AutoIt for desktop applications. With these tools, you can write test scripts to input data into the web form, navigate to the desktop application, and verify that the entered data is displayed correctly.
  2. API Integration: If both the web and desktop applications communicate with the same backend API, you can retrieve the entered data from the API and compare it with the data displayed in the desktop application. This approach requires access to the backend API and may involve additional development work.
  3. Manual Verification: Alternatively, you could manually enter the data in the web form and then manually verify it in the desktop application. While this approach is more time-consuming, it can be useful for one-off verifications or scenarios where automation is not feasible.
    Hope it helps you.
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Hi @stevediaz933 , Thank you for your inputs . Can the Automated testing possible using Katalon Studio as we have inbuilt WinAppDriver?


I think that the trick will apply to your case.

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