Integration of web based application with api/desktop tool

Hi All, I am trying to register a account(Web based application) for which I will receive an OTP in other desktop tool i.e., slack / (I can also get the OTP after hitting an Rest API request as well).
Scenario to automate is

  1. Register on web based application
  2. Copy the OTP from other desktop tool or from an API response
  3. Paste /Give the copied OTP in web application
  4. User logs in.
    Is there any way we can do this with Katalon automation? If yes, Could anyone of you help me with this scenario.

@duyluong @ThanhTo any leads would really be appreciated

Hi @ayesha.khanam

Currently switching between Desktop and Web within the same test case is not yet supported. We will consider it in our future releases. You can execute API and Web in the same test case though, so you can get your OTP through API calls and pass it to your website.

However, if you can divide your flow into multiple Test Cases and add to a Test Suite, then the flow could be tested. I’d divide into:

  • A Test Case on Web to register an account.
  • A Test Case on Desktop to get the OTP, pass it into a global variable.
  • A Test Case on Web to log in and use the OTP stored in the global variable.

I think it’s not a trivial task, so you’d have to try do it first and post the result here. We’d try to help you along the way.