Web app with printer add-on not being loaded by IE browser

Hi guys,
Our web app is using a third-party control (MeadCo ScriptX) for controlling the printing of items in the background and showing the preferred printers of the local machine on a dialog/popup. after i selected the default printers from IE, i can use firefox/chrome to just show the printout on a separate browser window. when i’m not running my Katalon scripts, the addon is visible on the IE browser and i can see all my printers.

now, when i run my script that should auto-print using that control, OR show the page on a separate window, the page is behaving as if the control is not loaded, or no notification to download the control was shown.
i’m not sure what’s going on and i’m trying to search for the specific IE that katalon is using and hopefully install the control onto it… if you guys have any idea or workaround, please do let me know. thanks

I know it can be hard, but really going to need more ifo than that. We really have no idea what your trying to do so screenshots of the page and your script will massively help us in trying to figure out a solution for you.

I know this is hard for readers to understand, but for the benefit of confidential client and third party info, i tried to mask out all unrelated things on my attachments.

This is what i see in IE, WHICH DOESN’T HAPPEN when i run my script in Katalon:

This is what happens in IE when i click on the Save + Print, WHICH DOES NOT HAPPEN when i run my script in Katalon:

On Google Chrome when i click on the Save + Print, WHICH DOES NOT HAPPEN when i run my script in Katalon:

So when i run my script, Firefox, Chrome, and IE the screenshot around 1 second after clicking the Save + Print button looks like this:

which would mean that the control/addin for controlling the print function does not get loaded… So tell me:

  1. where/how is Katalon getting its browser instances?
  2. why are the external controls/addins not loaded with the local browser?
  3. workarounds? or try another automation tool?