Katalon scripts are failing in IE browser

I have created the project and executed the katalon script in IE browser, the observations are as follow

  • Scripts are passing some time but many time it is getting failed.
  • Steps are passed in Katalon but there is no response in the IE browser.
  • Inputs given in katalon script is not getting loaded during execution(half of the input/number is not loading so, the script is failing).
  • Before the page loads, it goes to next step.
  • If i try to run the passed script again it is getting failed.
  • Before the browser opens it is failed,the screenshot is attached for it.

To over these error I tried using delay, wait for element, wait for element visible, keyword for entering the input .

Followed all the steps from the below URLs but still facing the same problem.

  1. https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Internet+Explorer+Configurations
  2. Unable to run testCase on Internet Explorer 11 - Archive - Katalon Community

The version used are Katalon version - 5.8.6
IE browser version-11.0

Error image.PNG

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Iā€™m having the same issue now. How you resolved @Rajarajeswari?