Web app URL is not open in the browser when running test in latest v6.1.2 (for v5.10.1 was ok)

I have following problem. I used elder version of Katalon (5.10.1) and I recorded and modified some tests. They have been executed without problems.

Yesterday I did upgrade to v6.1.2 and while running test in Chrome session then it cannot open web page.
It simply stops on navigateToUrl action
I can see that browser opens but none of url is propagated. It happens the same for Firefox as well and headless

Do you know what can be the reason?

Try run headless chrome / firefox mode than try normal chrome / firefox : ) in me help it

look here

ok I have found a problem I think :slight_smile: pretty obvious, Company policy is blocking updates for Chrome…so the latest version that I have installed is: 72.0.3626.121, cannot use latest Katalon, even if I will put older chrome_driver in resources/drivers of Katalon dir. I tried to put that version 72.0.3626 but it did not help…

or there is some workaround??