Wait through multiple redirects - Testing with SSO Login

I have to test an application which is protected by a SSO login. My test consist of testing a few interactions before the login and some more after the login. The SSO login I’m not allowed to add to the test.

I tried to use waitForLocation. But it considers only the next location loaded.

Is there any command or script which makes Katalon-Recoder wait until a certain event happen, regardless of a redirect chain, of multiple consecutively loaded pages?

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yes Katalon recorder Does have a wait feature you can access the same by clicking on the +Add Button and you have to select the WebUI keyword and you can select the required keywords from the dropdown shown below

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sorry @bharathi.a but your answer is not helpful cause it’s about the web recorder of Katlon Studio. But I’m asking about Katalon Recorder (Katalon Recorder | Web, Mobile & Browser Test Recorder).

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Please refer [WebUI] Wait For Element Present | Katalon Docs

@atul.rai the link you provided is for Katalon Studio

The OP raised this for Katalon Recorder which is a different animal.

Do you guys actually read the topics prior to provide solutions?

As per my understanding
After recording you are exported recorded script into katalon studio.
When recorded script is successfully exported to katalon studio framework then you can use above suggested points

your understanding is wrong.

kindly read the doc about katalon recorder which is a different product.

where to find it?
use search

Hi @c.ruetgers, You can use pause in “Katalon Recorder”
For example pause 5000 pauses for 5 seconds.
Katalon Recorder version: 5.9.0


Finally, I solved it and will share it with you.

I open a URL I reach after some subsequent redirects. I can not rely on a fixed amount of time because some redirects may take some time. Typical waitFor commands fail under such conditions.

I call the URL. Then wait for 1 Second and check afterwards, if we reached the desired URL. If not we repeat the pause-check 9 more times.