How to wait between Click ?

Hello everybody
I use Katalon add in Chrome browser on desktop

I want to ask about how to edit time for wait between clicking
For example i want click on (Submit button) and wait for 5 minutes then click on ( Back button ) is there option can i use ?

Thank u :pray:

Thread.sleep(300000) //300,000 milliseconds = 5 mins
WebUI.delay(300) //300 seconds = 5 mins

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If the pause is specifically because you’re waiting for an event to occur (e.g. something to display) you can use a waitFor command instead of an explicit wait.

If you’re using Katalon Recorder (the Chrome extension), you may need to use the ‘pause’ command here, to achieve what you want (with the same wait time of ‘300000’ for 5 mins).

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