Visual Testing Supports PDF to PDF comparison

I got email recently about Visual testing. Wondering does Katalon Supports PDF to PDF visual comparison testing like do in other tools like Applitools. Please share some thoughts

Thank you very much for your interest in Visual Testing.

Currently, the PDF comparison has not been developed. Please share with us how important that feature is, we might have the workaround to support you.

thanks for your reply. We have lot of PDF templates to validate every day if katalon able to provide some options to compare base and actual PDF validation like Web would be good. We are looking for solution actively on this to automate this process instead of scraping content and validate in other way.

There would be a way, though it is long to go.

You can develop some way to convert a PDF to HTML, and convert the HTML to PNG images. Then you can use Visual Testing to compare the resulting PNG images. This will effectively compare the original PDFs.

The following post descibes a sample where I converted a PDF to HTML.

You should be able to find a way to convert the HTML to PNG (taking screenshots), comparing PNG images using Katalon Studio yourself.

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I don’t think the comparison performed by Visual Testing is not useful for you. All it does is pixel-to-pixel comparison in images. Though they claim it is AI driven, pixel-to-pixel comparison doesn’t do valuable work anyway. That wouldn’t inform you much. Visual Testing is a tool to determine if there is anything unexpected in images. It is not designed to provide you precise information how 2 subjects differer.

The best way to compare a pair of PDF files (one is a template, another is a derivative from the template) is, as far as I see, provided by Adobe Acrobat Pro (payable product, you know).

This would be a good tool to compare the template PDF and the stuffed PDF precisely. It will give you good information where and how they differ.

There is Acrobat SDK, with which you would possibly be able to automate driving Adobe products in Katalon Studio; you need to write a lot of custom codes — I haven’t done it, no experience, sorry, I just guess.