PDF comparison with the test data

Hi, Is there any way in Katalon that we can automate PDF comparison and stuff like that. What is the best way to do the PDF Automation. It’s like we have around 25-30 pages, where we need to compare the data with specific pages

I think you can do it by writing a custom script(keyword function) But with katalon itself is not possible natively because this is a selenium based product and I cannot recall they have native functions for this… So in a custom keyword script you can be set up a pdf compare with a library called e.g. PDFutil, which basically compares pdf files per page, pages etc. Some java/groovy knowledge is required.

Thanks Ralph van der HOrst, for the reply, i’m looking for an api which is best suited for PDF Validation. Could you please suggest me some, if you have any in mind/recommendable!