PDF comparison ( highlighting differences)

Hi everyone. I have working with PDF comparassion. I could compare two Pdf Files, and after the test execution, the result gives me that the PDF does not match. But I wonder to know if Katalon has a functionality or something, that show you where the differences are. Like highlighting the differentes. That is possible?. Thanks!

You should buy Acrobat DC


A few months ago my collegue who is in charge of business addministration (non programmer) asked me for PDF comparison solution. He wanted a view where the differences in 2 PDF documents are visually highlighted and easily seen. I looked at several commercial products and a few open source projects for PDF comparison solution. I found Acrobat DC provides intuitive view of hilighted differences. I thought Adobe DC is the best for him (non-programmers). I know Adobe DC charges a small amount of money but, I think, it is worth paying if PDF comparison is a serious problem for business.

However Adobe DC might not be fitting If you are interested in PDF comparison integrated in automated UI tests driven by Katalon Studio.

There have been several topics about this. Katalon on does not have any native way of doing this (as it’s primarily a web testing tool). Luckily, Katalon DOES allow you to import third party libraries to use in your tests. Give this topic a read for more suggestions: