Version groovy latest, can i update?

can i update the version of groovy?

I know that Katalon team once aimed to upgrade the Groovy version bundled in KS from v2.4.x to v3.x.x, then they encountered problems.

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thank’s for information


Some news about it ?

I would like to upgrade groovy version in my KS.

I have 2.4.20 and i would like minimum v.3 please

Any sane reason or ‘I just wanna have this to play with …’?

You are aware that there is no news about it, aren’t you?

To me, Katalon team seems to have no intention to upgrade Groovy in the Katalon Studio product (Eclipse GUI + Groovy) any longer. They are busy for other things like this.

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And honestly it is not a good thing because it means that we’re using outdating version of Java and Groovy when coding so by extention learning outdated code that no one used anymore…You can’t even use groovy closure…

There was a discussion about “overhauling Katalon Studio: Groovy, Eclipse, Java”



Ah very nice ! Thx for the info @kazurayam :slight_smile:

But you should be aware that they haven’t commited anything yet.

Sane reason but i found an other code java solution. Thank u

Waiting for groovy 4 :slight_smile: