Upgrade Issues (KS 7.9.0rc2)

Just a word to 7.9.0rc 7.9.0rc2 upgraders…

UPDATE 2021/01/18

The message below depicts changes needed for 7.9.0.rc. For 7.9.0.rc2, these need to be changed again:


Old message - do NOT use:

GPathResult under groovy.util.slurpersupport has been deprecated. I had to add/change the lines above to get my code working with Katalon 7.9.0 beta.

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

In v7.9.0.rc, we upgrade Groovy from v2.4.7 to v3.0.6 as our document mentions. The changes in Groovy 3.0 are listed in the Groovy official document: https://groovy-lang.org/releasenotes/groovy-3.0.html#Groovy3.0releasenotes-Splitpackages.

For the deprecated packages, you can change to the new one or keeping them because the functions still run fine.

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