Trying to upgrade to the latest release - KS 7.1.2 is broken - please help

Trying to upgrade to the latest release - KS is broken - please help

My current version is: Katalon Studio
Version: 7.1.2
Build: 1

I couldnt see any menu list this morning and that’s when tried upgrading it to: 7.2.1

It’s neither getting upgraded (have been seeing Downloading update files dialog box for the last 2 hours almost, though cancelled it and restarted the laptop and tried a few times) nor does the existing KS working for me.
Please help.
Thank you in advance.


All frequent posters :pray:

Try this.

Close Katalon.

Download the 7.2.4 release from here: make sure you choose the correct download for you platform.

Unzip the download but do NOT place it over the old version of katalon - unzip it in a different folder.

Run katalon.exe

Let us know how it goes.

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And please DON’T post the same question twice.


Sorry about that…was only editing my current version n didnt notice it was posted again as a new thread.
I am trying the 7.2.4 and will update on how i go…
Thank you for the help.

Its working fine now… thank you Russ.

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