Version 6.3.2 Does not create a Reports Folder

Katalon Studio 6.3.2 Does not create a Reports Folder when creating a New Project. This Version also Removes previous Katalon Studio Reports Folders when upgrading.

@EdWellDataLabs This is just an assumption. Katalon will create the reports folder when you will run your 1st test suite.

Hello manpreet.mukkar thank you for replying. It looks like the “Reports” folder is no longer created - or used in the Katalon Studios app even after you Execute Test Suites.


It now creates the “Reports” Folder on your C:\ Drive.

Yesterday, I also downloaded and installed Katalon Studio v.6.3.2 and installed the Basic Report plugin onto my Win10 64 bit computer. Running Chrome v.76.0.3809. I am also experiencing the same issue, where the Reports folder is not being created in the Test Explorer tree, after running my first Test Suite (see screenshots attached). Log View is showing the reports are being created in the C:directory, as EdWellDataLabs initally reported.


In addition to my previous report, I am wondering , is a Report folder is supposed to be created in the Test Explorer tree? Or, since this is a new plugin, that reports can only be found on the C: drive?

The Katalon store page nor the documentation are clear about this, and setup in Project Settings only checks for the report formats that will be created. Please advise.

@EdWellDataLabs @sqa.professional.joe The reports folder is getting created in your Project folder not just C drive. The report folder was handy when it was in Tree explorer. I would say this is bug.

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I am facing this issue in version 6.3.1 as well.

It is not a bug.

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Thank you @Nilau - I think this issue can be put to rest!