Not able to see Reports on version 6.3.3

I have created Test suite which consist 2 test cases out of them only 1 will get executed.
after successful execution of test case I am not able to See Report section under Test suite folder

Is the Plugin Basic Report already installed?
If yes, the reports are stored in …\YourProject\Reports.
If no, in the same directory you should find the execution0.log still.
Btw Reports are only generated if the TestSuite isnt stopped midway!

This is a new change done … starting from version 6.3.0

Thank you… installed plugin at some level problem is resolved.As per new version reports folder will not display.

@discover.selenium kinda gave you the answer already, as far as i know you can acess the Reports folder only in the file explorer…
I dont know if this was different before but it makes sense if you’re using for example the .html Report (because its pretty easy to navigate)

One thing you could do is to use cmd for Test Suite execution, bc there you can define where your Reports should be located via -Reportfolder and -Reportpath. If you thinking about using that feature dont forget to add -apikey if you want to use Basic Report.

Not able to see Reports in folder structure @katalaon studio: always need to go in katalon studio file structure.
Katalon version: 6.3.3-------linux

like i said this is normal for katalon …