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I can not sent gmail report, I was setup like user guide

Like this

Updating from 6.1.5 to 6.2.0, asked me Install and Re-launch, but nothing relaunched.
After running it manually there is still 6.1.5.

After second attempt it worked.

same thing happen to me. I am not able to download the latest version…

When we can get the support for the latest appium. xcode an iOS?


Starting in v6.2.0, KS supports latest Appium and XCode upto 10.2.


@duyluong : So it will support to the iOS 12.3.1 for iphone ?

I’m not able to run iOS tests after updating Katalon to 6.2.0 anymore. When I try to run tests on real iOS device I can see only on the list and when I run the tests on it I get IllegalArgumentException all the time. The error message is: _The mobile device is missing. Please select the mobile device to be executed and try again._I’ve tried different solution from the forum regarding the issue but didn’t find them working. I’ve tried different versions of appium but still can’t progress on solving the issue. All commands like idevice_id -l, ios-deploy -c work perfectly fine. When I downgrade Katalon to 6.1.5 it works well. Any help would be appreciated :worried:

When i update to latest version (6.2.0), in Katalon
there is no Export as in Report menu.
Any suggest ?

@Prant I believe they’ve replaced it with a free plugin called “Basic Report”. Quite silly tbh, seems to be a “go check out our plugins store!” kinda move, as this should have been bundled in the original software but eh…

@duyluong @devalex88

I just installed 6.2.0 (update from 6.0.5) and now I can see all my folders and files within Test Explorer.

Is this also a new feature? If yes, I didnt see this feature in the list. Also is it possible to configure which external folders should be visible?


Hi @Rasko_Pjesivac,

It’s a new feature since v6.1.5. All of your external folders will be displayed here.


@duyluong thanks!
Is it possible to configure which files to display (or hide?)

I am using mac os 10.14.5.
Really slow when click Run to open brower :frowning:

When the action “HideKeyboard” is complete, it is automatically followed by “press back”.
I need to hide the keyboard to access to a button under the keyboard. With this “press back”, it change screen and my test is KO.
It is possible to delete this “press back” which is automatic ?