Version 6.1.0

I tried to update manually 3 days ago and link was broken. Thanks Katalon team, now it is working .

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Katalon team,

Please do not run for Quantity(Releasing new versions) thrive on Quality. Always release most stable version.

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Hi guys…
I wanna use api testing with katalon , unfortunately katalon dosen’t support PATCH method :frowning:

what’s your suggestion ?

Hi Team Katalon,

after Katalon Update on 6.1.0 (MAC) I have two Problems:

  1. I can’t add plugin in Katalon Studio after Update. I have already the Plugin in Store. After entering the email and password i get the error in Katalon Studio “authentification failed”.

  2. The Katalon Studio Browser (Chrome 75 & Firefox 67) doesn’t work anymore. Browser doesn’t open at testcase start.

Can you help me?

Thank You