Version 6.0.6


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Hello Everyone,

Where I can download this release? I cant see in



You can download the latest version from our homepage.



Ty for reply,

This work in console mode for linux environment?



So glad the error log has more details again - makes my life so much easier


Yes - please download the right package.


Hello @devalex88,I just downloaded recently lastest package but dont works

Im attaching capture, this errors is the same in bug with 6.0.5 release!



I’m sorry - could you please give us more details about this incident in a separate topic?


Hello @devalex88,

Ya, I created this topic --> Error while run Katalon in Console mode on Linux you can access now




This is regarding >>> * Fixed an issue where recorder function is not working with Internet Explorer in Katalon Studio version 5.10.1.

  • The Spy Web is working properly however the Record Web still has issue. The recorder stops recording when the page navigate to different URL. Here is the step to reproduce the issue -
  1. Start recorder with IE and navigate to and click the “MakeAppointment” button. Recorder records the MakeAppointment button click. Next login page NO recording happens for login action. Stop recorder
  2. Start recorder with IE and navigate to Fill all details and click submit button. Recorder records all login details. Recorder stop recording in Next page i.e Make appointment.


Hi @Prabal_Biswas Could you please raise this as a seperate topic so guys can have a proper look at it


Created a new bug IE Recording stops when navigate from a page Rel-6.0.6