Error while run Katalon in Console mode on Linux

Hello everyone,

Im trying run Katalon in console mode on Linux but i get this error:

This error never show it in version 5.10.1 but when I upgrade to 6.0.5 I get this one, I try to made rollbak but dont work, so I wait new release to 6.0.6 but this same error/bug

Centos 7
Katalon 6.0.6 (latest)
Jenkins lts

I use a job single of Jenkins for start Katalon with this command:
xvfb-run -s “-screen 0 1024x768x24” katalon_installer/katalon -runMode=console -consoleLog -projectPath=“/mnt/gdmVolume/jonathan_respaldo_home/jobJenkins/GDM/GDM.prj” -statusDelay=30 -retry=0 -retryFailedTestCases=false -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/TS_GDM_INTEGRATION” -executionProfile=“default” -browserType=“Chrome (headless)”


Hi @velascojonathanxd

What do you mean you tried a roll-back but it doesn’t work ?
Do you mean that after you try executing this with 6.0.5, executing with 5.0.10 yields the exact same error ?

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Hello @ThanhTo,

Yes, I tried a roll back but so Im just using 6.0.6 version and I get same error