Version 6.0.5

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Linked Jira to my katalon project, when testcase failed and when I tried to create new issue it navigates me to JIRA Dashboard page rather then Create Issue page.

Whereas for Passed test cases its navigates to Create Issue page.

When can this issue be fixed???

Expecting this fix desperately as I have a demo to project on this tool.

Please do the needful as earliest.

Thanks in Advance


In the section “Fixed Bugs & Improvements” few bugfixes are mentioned twice, eg.

  • Fixed an issue where profiles are evaluated even though it is not in use
  • Moved ScreenUtil from WebUIAbstractKeyword to ImageKeyword
  • Fixed an issue where commented lines at the bottom of test script are deleted accidentally

Are these different bugs?

That means they really REALLY fixed them :crazy_face:

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Noticed and wondered the same, but my guess is they are dupes and not separate bugs. It would be nice to know and have corrected.